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Chocolate, coffee and wine: are the festive three good or bad?

At this time of year, chances are we’re hitting the foodie triumvirate of chocolate, coffee and wine harder than ever. With selection boxes and Christmas tipples a-go-go, we probably need the coffee just to manage the rest of it! Are these three festive staples really good or bad for you, though? Are wine, chocolate and […]

Top 5 Christmas gifts for the coffee lover in your life

Have you got a loved one that you struggle to shop for? Well, if they love coffee then look no further. As well as being the nation’s favourite hot drink (yes, even ahead of tea!), coffee is a complex brew with lots of gift potential. Here are our top ideas: Great gifts for coffee lovers […]

Festive hints to upscale your coffee this Christmas

Fancy adding a Christmassy twist to your coffee to get you in the mood? Here’s our list of quick tips to add a festive flair. Jingle bells, jingle bells… Easy Christmas coffee recipe ideas Add a dash of cinnamon flavour. Cinnamon is a quintessential Christmas scent and flavour. It’s a quick and easy way to […]

Our top ten favourite coffee facts

Coffee has been drunk all over the world for hundreds of years. It’s no surprise that there’s a whole network of facts and fiction about our favourite drink. We’ve put together our ten favourite facts to help you understand just how extraordinary coffee really is. Top ten coffee facts According to the British Coffee Association […]

Coffee fads: lemon coffee

Sometimes, a coffee fad comes along that we can completely see the point of (anything involving chocolate, or baked goods for example). At other times, though, a fad arrives that leaves us scratching our heads in bewilderment. The lemon coffee trend Popular on TikTok at the moment is ‘lemon coffee’, which is exactly what it […]

Coffee grounds meat rub recipe

If, like most of us, you love the smell of fresh coffee then you’ve probably already experimented with cooking with it. Coffee cakes and bakes are the usual go-to recipes, but have you ever thought of trying a savoury dish? Coffee grounds work surprising well as rubs or marinades for meat. Not only do they […]

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