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Bumblebees love coffee too

We do love an interesting coffee story, and this one has all the ingredients of an unusual tale. Bumblebees are vital for helping to pollinating Britain’s crops, but in recent years they’ve been declining in number. Climate change is part of the problem, and the increased use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers is having an […]

Coffee trends: coffee flavoured bacon

Yes, you read that right – coffee flavoured bacon. Sometimes a coffee trend comes along that’s so off the wall that we can’t quite decide whether it’s a genius idea or a terrible one. Perhaps it’s both at once. We’ve had the rainbow latte, we’ve had the candyfloss coffee, we’ve had the avocado latte – […]

Coffee trends: the Biscoff latte

We always like to follow the latest coffee trends, and compared to avocado lattes, candyfloss lattes and more the Biscoff latte seems pretty mainstream! After all, Biscoff biscuits and coffee have a long standing relationship. For those who didn’t know, Biscoff biscuits were developed in Belgium in the 1930s by Lotus Bakeries and they’re still […]

Has lockdown affected the UK’s coffee consumption?

We don’t whether it’s lockdown or whether it would have happened anyway, but the results of a new survey seem to indicate that we’re drinking more coffee than before. The last time a similar study was carried out in 2018, of the 2,000 people who took part, around a third said they drank no coffee […]

Want to improve your driving skills? Grab some coffee and listen to rap music!

No, that isn’t our opinion (except for the coffee bit, that’s always welcome) – it’s the result of a new study. Car insurance company U-Switch and behavioural science consultancy CX Lab got together to study how a group of drivers reacted under certain conditions. The drivers involved in the study was varied, with a third […]

Coffee trends: the ‘proffee’ caffeine and protein drink

From time to time, we like to bring you news from the wackier side of coffee (remember avocado lattes, anyone? How about coffee with yak butter in it?) Whether it has an unusual ingredient added or it’s served in an ‘interesting’ way, it sometimes seems there’s pretty much nothing that hasn’t been added to poor […]

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