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Coffee Blog

How to stay calm and healthy while working from home

It’s been the strangest year many of us can remember, and while working from home started off as a novelty it’s quickly become the norm. While that may mean no commuting, shorter working hours and more time at home it’s also come with a downside. If you’re used to being in a bustling work environment, […]

What exactly is CBD oil anyway?

CBD oil has become one of the ‘hot products’ of the decade, and there’s good reason for that – it can help calm feelings of anxiety, aid with the symptoms of depression and relieve muscle aches and pains. Some people are still wary of it, though, as they’re not clear about how it differs from […]

Take time to enjoy your CBD coffee

We’re living in a strange world at the moment. You might be sharing your home with more family members than usual, or juggling around other people trying to work from home. It’s important to make sure you take a few moments of peace and quiet each day, and a great way to do that is […]

What does CBD coffee taste like?

If you love coffee and want to try the benefits of CBD, you might be worried that you’re compromising on flavour. After all, no-one wants to drink coffee with a nasty, bitter aftertaste! We love coffee, so we made it our mission to supply CBD coffee with a double benefit. Our coffee uses top grade […]

CBD…and tea! Why our new product is making a stir

Hot of the heels of our new CBD coffee comes ‘Thank You’, our new range of CBD-infused tea. Hot drinks infused with CBD oil are a fantastic, practical way of taking CBD oil throughout the day without having to take a separate supplement, so we’ve introduced our Thank You tea to cater for all tastes. […]

What exactly goes into our CDB coffee?

New to our product range is CBD coffee, and it’s got us all fired up. Or all chilled out! As with all of our products, this is an absolutely premium offering and it contains exactly what it says on the bag – top quality coffee infused with CBD oil. While we all know exactly what […]