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How long does coffee keep you awake for?

If, like us, you just can’t get going in the morning then you’re not alone. The UK, formerly known globally as a nation of tea drinkers, have switched our allegiance to coffee. We drink around 90 million cups a day. The majority of us drink most of our coffee in the morning, but we also […]

All about dried milk

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we talk a lot about…erm…coffee. Not surprising, really – after all, coffee is what we do. Did you know, though, that we also stock high quality powdered skimmed milk? Sometimes, it’s just not practicable to use fresh milk and that’s when it’s useful to have a good quality alternative. […]

Coffee waste helps rainforest recover

We’re a sucker for a good coffee news story, and here’s one that’s good news for the rainforest as well. Home gardeners have long been aware that used coffee grounds can make an efficient fertiliser as it’s rich in nutrients. Now, researchers have upscaled the experiment and spread industrial loads of coffee pulp onto degraded […]

Italy applies to get espresso ordering protected by Unesco

As regular customers will know, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of global coffee culture. Italy has a long history with coffee, with Venice being one of the first ports in Europe to import coffee in the 16th century. Many of the standard coffee terms we use every day are Italian, including […]

Uk consumers embrace new methods of buying coffee

Times of international crisis can drive forward technology at a faster pace that usual. The pandemic imposed severe restrictions on the whole hospitality industry, but it just made us more creative! With customers needing lower contact options, retailers introduced contactless payment, online ordering via apps and drive through pick up. According to Project Café UK […]

The real cost of coffee in 2022

As regular readers will now, we generally like to give our blogs a fun twist. We like to track down the weirdest coffee fads or most interesting health research and generally share our love of all things coffee. There’s something happening right now though that we can’t give any kind of twist to, and that’s […]