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Coffee Blog

Could drinking coffee help boost your exercise regime?

Over the years, athletes and keen amateur sports enthusiasts alike have looked for ways to keep performing consistently. Workout routines could include protein shakes, electrolytes or more personal choices such as coconut water. Now, researchers led by the University of Coventry have discovered that there may be a link between drinking coffee and attaining peak […]

New study claims coffee could help reduce hearing loss in men

Ah, coffee. You don’t need to tell us how great it is – we’ve sung its praises for years. Coffee’s antioxidants can help prevent a range of health complaints, including diabetes, liver disease and even Alzheimer’s. This is a new one on us, though – a Spanish university has released the results of a new […]

Good news for coffee drinkers – how coffee can cause epigenetic changes

Many of us need our daily dose of coffee more than we’ve ever needed it before, with additional stress caused by changes in routine. It calms us down, relaxes us and has a range of health benefits from lowering blood sugar to delivering antioxidants. Now, a new preliminary study carried out by 50 researchers has […]

Why coffee can be part of a healthy diet in 2021

Everyone has had a different experience during lockdown and while some of us have benefited from increased time to exercise, others have found that the lack of a structured routine has prompted a less healthy regime. If you’re starting off 2021 with the intention of eating more healthily, then the good news is that coffee […]

Our top three festive coffee ideas

Everyone’s spirits need a little lift during the winter months, and this year we all need it more than ever! If you’re in an area where you’re still allowed to meet friends and family outdoors, then why not serve up one of these festive coffee recipes to keep hands warm and spirits up? They’re all […]

Why CBD tea and coffee make the perfect Christmas present

While Christmas should be the ‘season to be jolly’, it can sometimes be quite the opposite – and in the current circumstances, we don’t think this year is going to be any different! In addition to the usual problems of financial pressure and too much to do, we now have the very special problems that […]