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Coffee Blog

Coffee fads: lemon coffee

Sometimes, a coffee fad comes along that we can completely see the point of (anything involving chocolate, or baked goods for example). At other times, though, a fad arrives that leaves us scratching our heads in bewilderment. The lemon coffee trend Popular on TikTok at the moment is ‘lemon coffee’, which is exactly what it […]

Coffee grounds meat rub recipe

If, like most of us, you love the smell of fresh coffee then you’ve probably already experimented with cooking with it. Coffee cakes and bakes are the usual go-to recipes, but have you ever thought of trying a savoury dish? Coffee grounds work surprising well as rubs or marinades for meat. Not only do they […]

Coffee lovers prefer to make their own brew

Have you ever accepted someone’s offer to make you a cup of coffee and wished you hadn’t? While you might appreciate the gesture, the coffee itself might be less welcome – particularly if it’s too milky, too sweet or over or under brewed. Coffee drinks are fussy, according to new study A new study commissioned […]

What is a cortado coffee?

If you’re a coffee aficionado and send time in a lot of coffee bars, you might have noticed a new name popping up on menus – the cortado. It’s a small, strong black coffee, shot through with steamed milk in a half and half ratio. It’s popular in Portugal and Argentina as well as its […]

What’s the real difference between espresso and regular coffee?

If you know your coffee, you might think that’s a easy question to answer – after all, espresso is stronger, yes? Well, yes – but only by default and that certainly isn’t all there is to it. Order an espresso, and you’ll get 60ml of strong, full-caffeine black coffee. Order regular, and you’ll get a […]

Coffee trends: cola with coffee

You probably already know that most original recipe colas contain caffeine, designed to give you energy and focus. That’s caffeine, though, not coffee. Now, Coca Cola have launched with their new ‘Coca Cola with Coffee’ product which offers the world’s best known soda blended with ‘rich, luxurious coffee’. It comes in a choice of flavours […]