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Coffee Blog

Coffee news: scientists re-discover a rare wild coffee plant

Some big news for the world of coffee this week. Scientists have re-discovered a rare wild coffee that was previously thought to be almost extinct. Why is this so exciting? The more diversity in plants the better, as it helps guard the species against extremes of climate and environment. Having more varieties available helps give […]

Could we soon have a home Covid test that uses coffee capsules?

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’ve always known how important coffee was – and not just for drinking. You can use the leftover grounds for anything from fertiliser to face scrub, and now, an organic chemist from the Bionanotechnology group at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands may have invested a way of […]

Top 3 iced coffee drinks for summer

‘Summer’ might be a little premature, but the clocks have gone forwards and the weather’s improving so that’s good enough for us – it’s time to break out the iced coffee! Nothing beats relaxing at the weekend with the papers and a tall, iced coffee to hand. Here are our favourite recipes so that you […]

Top five ways to re-use old coffee grounds

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’re always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re always keeping a careful eye on the links in our supply chain, from the impact of the plants themselves to the packaging. What happens after our delicious coffee has been used for its intended purpose though, and been […]

Could drinking coffee help boost your exercise regime?

Over the years, athletes and keen amateur sports enthusiasts alike have looked for ways to keep performing consistently. Workout routines could include protein shakes, electrolytes or more personal choices such as coconut water. Now, researchers led by the University of Coventry have discovered that there may be a link between drinking coffee and attaining peak […]

New study claims coffee could help reduce hearing loss in men

Ah, coffee. You don’t need to tell us how great it is – we’ve sung its praises for years. Coffee’s antioxidants can help prevent a range of health complaints, including diabetes, liver disease and even Alzheimer’s. This is a new one on us, though – a Spanish university has released the results of a new […]