Not your typical Coffee Company

Superior Quality, Amazing Value!

The Wholesale Coffee Company has been a wholesale coffee supplier to restaurants, bistros, delis, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, bars and offices for in excess of 20 years. We specialise in supplying top quality commercial coffee machines, coffee beans and coffee ingredients online at wholesale prices.

We draw upon our vast experience within the coffee industry to source the finest product range for our customers, offering the best prices possible without compromising on quality. All of our coffee beans are hand picked from around the world. They are then roasted, packed and quality controlled in our factory ensuring only the finest and freshest coffee beans make our range.

Nyala Coffee Beans


Ara Coffee Beans


Tamarin Coffee Beans


Javan Coffee Beans


Endangered animals are our friends

We’ve teamed each of our blends with an endangered species indigenous to the same area to help protect these extraordinary animals, helping to create a brighter future for everyone.

Sustainability & The Environment

We’re proud to sell ‘coffee with a conscience’, and we’re very aware of our responsibility to the planet. As well as supporting the animals that each of our blends are named after, we also pack our coffee bean in fully biodegradable bags. We also use 100% plastic free takeaway cups meaning that they can be recycled like any other paper products!

Rainforest Alliance

These certifications ensure that our products are sourced responsible. These contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, improved livelihoods and human well-being, conservation of natural resources and protection of endangered species among many other things.