Our top ten favourite coffee facts

Coffee has been drunk all over the world for hundreds of years. It’s no surprise that there’s a whole network of facts and fiction about our favourite drink. We’ve put together our ten favourite facts to help you understand just how extraordinary coffee really is.

Top ten coffee facts

According to the British Coffee Association (BCA), the representative organisation for the coffee industry and the voice of UK coffee, the industry creates 210,000 jobs in the UK alone. This includes people like importers, roasters, wholesalers and retailers rather than those in the hospitality trade.

Another fact courtesy of the BCA is that ground coffee and single-serve coffee pods are increasing in popularity. This is especially among younger buyers.

In the UK alone, we now drink a staggering 95 million cups of coffee every single day.

Surprisingly, the country who top the list of coffee consumers is the Netherlands (not the US), at a hefty 8.3kg per person a year.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest cup of coffee ever measured in at 22,739.14 litres. Phew – we wonder how many biscuits they’d allowed for!

Instant coffee accounts for only 13% of all coffee drunk globally. No wonder that most people prefer it fresh!

Back in the 18th century, famous French writer Voltaire reportedly drank around 40 to 50 cups of coffee a day!

‘Cappuccino’ coffee is so called as it resembles the black habit of the Capuchin friar, which had a white hood.

Composer Bach loved coffee so much that around 1732 he wrote a ‘Coffee Cantata’, about a woman struggling to overcome her addiction to the drink.

When it first came to Europe in the 16th century, coffee was known as ‘Arabian wine’.

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