Coffee fads: lemon coffee

Sometimes, a coffee fad comes along that we can completely see the point of (anything involving chocolate, or baked goods for example). At other times, though, a fad arrives that leaves us scratching our heads in bewilderment.

The lemon coffee trend

Popular on TikTok at the moment is ‘lemon coffee’, which is exactly what it sounds like – coffee mixed with lemon juice. The idea, apparently, is that the ‘superfood’ powers of caffeine and fresh lemon juice will combine to make an amazing superfluid, capable of leaping tall buildings in one go. Or something like that.

Can lemon coffee help you lose weight?

The mixture of black coffee and lemon juice is also being touted as a weight loss potion. In a way, we can sort of believe this – after all, drinking anything that sounds that nasty probably would put you off eating for the rest of the day! According to The Metro, nutritionists have debunked claims that lemon coffee could help you lose weight or have any particular health benefits. In fact, the combination of acidic lemon juice and caffeine could have a deleterious effect on your teeth, if you drink it regularly.

Great wholesale coffee

Honestly, to us it just sounds like a waste of good coffee. Adding lemon juice to our favourite brew just doesn’t appeal at all and sounds like it could be a really bitter, unpleasant combination. As vitamin C is sensitive to temperature, we also wonder if there’s going to be much benefit left once you’ve added it to hot coffee. On the whole, we’d rather enjoy our coffee ‘straight’ – with coffee as good as ours it seems a shame to add anything but milk and possibly a spot of sugar. To browse our range of great quality ground coffee and coffee beans at sensible wholesale prices, please visit our main website.