Top 5 Christmas gifts for the coffee lover in your life

Have you got a loved one that you struggle to shop for? Well, if they love coffee then look no further. As well as being the nation’s favourite hot drink (yes, even ahead of tea!), coffee is a complex brew with lots of gift potential. Here are our top ideas:

Great gifts for coffee lovers

The perfect mug: According to research, coffee actually tastes better from a thin, porcelain mug rather than a thick pottery one. This is because the thinner china allows you to drink the coffee at the correct temperature. Weirdly, studies have also shown that coffee tastes better from a white mug. We’re not sure what the rational is behind this one, but it may be psychological in showing off that rich coffee colour to best advantage. Why not treat your recipient to the ‘perfect’ coffee mug, and have it personalised with their name or a suitable message?

Coffee accessories pack: If you’re feeling creative, make up a coffee accessories pack tailored to your recipient. For example, you could pack it with chocolate sprinkles, posh sugar swizzle sticks, tall spoons, mug cosies and flavoured syrups.

Coffee selection pack: forget chocolate, the best selection boxes come filled with coffee! Our sample pack contains four 500g bags and is great value at £17.95. Also available in a decaf version.

Nibbles pack: put together a bag of festive nibbles to complement coffee, from biscuits to mince pies. A batch of homemade brownies is a pretty failsafe choice!

An ‘on the go’ mug. If your recipient is a true coffee lover then they’re not going to want to be separated from their favourite brew by mere distance. Get them an insulated travel mug, and their coffee can go wherever they do.
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