Uk consumers embrace new methods of buying coffee

Times of international crisis can drive forward technology at a faster pace that usual. The pandemic imposed severe restrictions on the whole hospitality industry, but it just made us more creative! With customers needing lower contact options, retailers introduced contactless payment, online ordering via apps and drive through pick up.

According to Project Café UK 2022, Allegra World Coffee Portal’s annual analysis of the UK’s branded coffee shop market, 61% of the 50,000 people they surveyed downloaded a coffee shop app in 2021. While some stores are experimenting with delivery, others have opened drive throughs to allow customers to enjoy their regular coffee in a safe environment.

UK coffee market sees strong growth

The survey also reveals that the UK’s £4.4 billion branded coffee shop market grew by almost half (43%) over the last 12 months. It’s now regained 87% of pre-pandemic market value and the number of outlets is greater than in 2019.

Still challenges ahead for UK coffee market

2021 was a really tough year for retailers with staff shortages and new Covid variants. Dynamic retailers were quick to try and adapt, offering click and collect services, takeaway options and loyalty schemes.

According to the report, “Coffee shops continue to be an intrinsic part of communities and daily routines across the UK. Meanwhile, sustained consumer interest in higher quality at-home coffee and premium equipment looks set to elevate standards across the market.” So, more customers want better coffee – and that can only be good news.

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