All about dried milk

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we talk a lot about…erm…coffee. Not surprising, really – after all, coffee is what we do. Did you know, though, that we also stock high quality powdered skimmed milk? Sometimes, it’s just not practicable to use fresh milk and that’s when it’s useful to have a good quality alternative. We’ve already talked a lot about the process of producing our premium coffee. Have you ever wondered about the process behind powdered milk? After all, fresh milk tends to be a bit on the liquid side – and it goes off quickly when not refrigerated, as well.

How is dried milk made?

Producers start the process of creating dried milk starts by evaporating it to around 50% of its previous volume. This creates a thin, creamy paste which they then spray into a heated chamber. On contact with the heat, the liquid almost immediately evaporates leaving dried particles behind. As manufacturers remove the volatile elements of the milk along with the liquid, the resulting powder has a very long comparative shelf life, sometimes even years. It retains the same nutrients, doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can be reconstituted into fresh milk with the addition of water. Dried milk is useful for all sorts of products including baby food, baked goods and sweets. It’s much less bulky and therefore cheaper to transport than fresh milk, so it’s often used as an ingredient. Directors even sometimes use dried milk in films as a substitute for cocaine, where they want a white powder that looks the part!

We’ve carefully formulated our dried milk to be the perfect partner for coffee. Wherever you may wander, if you don’t have access to a fridge then our premium skimmed milk is a healthy, practical choice. For details of our great value, top quality coffee take a look at our main coffee beans page.