The new coffee trend: adding butter

wcc article 3Most of us enjoy adding a little something to our coffee, but we normally draw the line at milk and sugar. Perhaps, for a special occasion, you might toy with a little brandy, chocolate or flavouring, but that’s not what we drink everyday.

Now, US technology millionaire Dave Asprey wants to change all that. Apparently, the best thing you can add to coffee still comes out of a cow – but it’s butter, not milk.

Already popular in the US, the craze is starting to catch on over here amid claims it can aid weight loss. On the ace of it, that doesn’t seem likely – the brew contains, in addition to filter coffee, a whopping four tablespoons of fat. This consists of two spoons of unsalted butter, and two further spoons of coconut oil, all of which replaces the more usual splash of semi-skimmed.  The resulting drink is known as a ‘bulletproof coffee’ – sounds lovely!

The drink contains around 500 calories, instead of the normal 20 or so for coffee with semi skimmed milk. It must also taste pretty oily. Its inventor, though, sings its praises, claiming it was inspired by the Tibetan habit of adding yak butter to tea. He credits the buttery brew with helping him slim down from 21 stone to a healthier weight.

Th odd trend has now made it to the UK, and you can buy it in several London cafes, who claim it’s becoming more popular. The scientists, however, are sceptical. Dr Sally Norton, a leading weight-loss consultant and NHS surgeon, says there is no scientific basis that would support the use of this coffee for weight loss.

Inventor Dave Asprey has plans to open the first ‘bulletproof’ cafe in the US shortly, but we think the UK may be a bit further behind!

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