Coffee Beans

Our extensive range of wholesale coffee beans includes a blend for all palettes and budgets. From the strong and intense Indonesian Blue Dragon at only £4.98 per kg bag to our premium 100% Arabica blend, Suprem at £8.50 per kilo, there’s a coffee in our collection for every taste. We pride ourselves on being coffee experts and carefully select our coffees from around the world. Grown at high altitudes, expertly cultivated and handpicked, our coffee beans are then roasted in our own roasting house in Valencia to ensure only the finest quality. Our blends are post blended, meaning all components are roasted individually first, and blended afterwards. This ensures we get the best and fullest flavour from each bean. Packaged in a protective atmosphere, our 1kg coffee bean bags are packed with Nitrogen to ensure optimal freshness and a shelf life of up to 24 months. All of our coffee beans are available to buy by the case or in 1kg coffee bags. Our sample pack also provides an excellent opportunity to try our various blends and discover your favourite.

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