Is the cappuccino over?

coffee-691464_640Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’re not ashamed to say we’re traditionalists when it comes to coffee. We love our cappuccinos (and our lattes, Americanos and espressos as well, if we’re being honest), so the recent news that huge US chain Starbucks is gradually dropping cappuccinos from its menu came as a bit of a shock.

Apparently, the frothy milk and espresso drink is no longer seen as fashionable, with coffee drinkers preferring lattes and plainer black coffees. In Seattle, the home of the world’s first Starbucks, it’s already off the menu, and travelling to New York or San Francisco for your coffee fix won’t help you, either. There doesn’t seem to be any over-powering reason why ‘frothy coffee’ has fallen out of favour in the USA, other than that it can be harder for employees to get right as it’s fiddly, so it’s more likely to result in a less satisfying drink.
If you’re off to the USA, don’t panic – you’ll still be able to get a cappuccino in Starbucks but it will be by request only. The drink’s been on Starbucks menu for 30 years, but it’s apparently been ousted by a newcomer from down under – the flat white. Fortunately for UK coffee lovers, Starbucks UK has no plans to change the menu over here. That’s a huge sigh of relief from coffee lovers countrywide, then!

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