• Roast: Everyday – Medium 
  • Strength: 3 / 5
  • Weight: 1kg

A gourmet blend that works brilliantly for espresso and milk-based drink such as lattes.

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Our gourmet Ara blend (previously called Caribana) is a special coffee, so we’ve named it after a special bird, the scarlet macaw (ara macao).

A blend of 20% Arabica and 80% Robusta, it’s a well-balanced coffee with a sweet and spicy flavour that works brilliantly for espresso and milk-based drinks such as lattes. A full flavoured coffee with superb aroma, the beans that make up this blend come from Vietnam and Brazil, also home to the scarlet macaw. Just like its flamboyant namesake, this is a big, flavourful coffee that won’t fail to impress.

Macaws are the largest parrots in the world, and the scarlet macaw can measure almost three feet from beak to tail. It gets its name from the bright red plumage covering most of its body, and it also has brilliant blue and yellow feathers adorning the lower wings. Although they’re not yet endangered, the population is on the decrease and we’re keen to do our bit to help protect this stunning bird.

Cup Profile

(20% Brazilian Arabica + 80% Vietnamese Robusta)

  • Caffeine: 4 points out of 5
  • Intensity: 5 out of 5
  • Aroma: 3 out of 5
  • Flavour: 3 out of 5
  • Sweetness: 3 out of 5
  • Body: 5 out of 5

Nitrogen packed coffee beans – Freshness guaranteed!

All of our coffee beans are packed in nitrogen.  Packaging with a nitrogen flush ensures no human contact and helps preserve the coffee beans. Using nitrogen removes oxygen from direct contact with the beans.  This prevents oxidisation and ensures the coffee tastes freshly roasted. This will give you shelf life for over 12 months (unopened).

Coffee beans are filled with aromatic oils that create the flavour, crema and the full experience of the drink.  Oils, however, oxidise and by packing in nitrogen removes the oxygen in the bag.  By removing oxygen and moisture in the package also ensures no bacterial growth.

Nitrogen is an inert gas that is both odourless and food-safe. It is also abundantly available. Nitrogen is a great gas to use to flush out oxygen from coffee bags that have just been filled with freshly roasted coffee.

<small>The</small><br /> Ara<br /> Macaw

Ara Flavour Profile

A luxuriously smooth blend of 20% Arabica and 80% Robusta coffee beans. Ara is an extremely well-balanced coffee with a sweet and spicy flavour.



Our Ara coffee is a luxurious blend of 20% Brazilian Arabica and 80% Robusta from the coffee plantations of Vietnam.