Would you drink your coffee in a toilet?

attendantWhen did coffee machines, coffee beans and err…toilets mix so well together? Apparently only a few weeks ago when the Attendant Café in central London opened.

I’ve seen some pretty innovative uses of space in the past – shipping containers converted into homes, disused tunnels used for art exhibitions and an old train that was turned into a café. But, the Attendant Café took it one step further.

The owners rather creatively, turned public toilet in a disused Victorian underground station, into a rather trendy, chic looking café.

However, it’s not just about the toilet gimmick, the Attendant also serves a variety of top quality coffee beans sourced from all over the world and  uses only the best coffee machines and roasters – so you can expect nothing less than great coffee.

You can also buy fresh gourmet sandwiches, soup, salad and a variety of delicious cakes and other yummy sweet treats.

From the outside, black signs with ‘The Attendant’ written in gold decorate the ornate iron archway leading down into the café. Despite the fact that it used to be a toilet, it’s become an iconic building in its own right and dates back to 1890.

Once upon a time, the sickly stench of urine might have wafted up the staircase, but now all you can smell is the comforting aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and good quality food.

The toilet may have gone, but some of the original details remain. The urinals have been re-purposed and the original Victorian tiling is still part of the interior. Other details include lampshades that have been positioned underneath an old cistern and the tiling adorning the entrance.

Overall, I reckon they’ve done an excellent job – I don’t think I’ve ever seen urinals look so beautiful. Thumbs up for the Attendant Café.