Could this be the world’s best hangover cure?

It’s that time of year again – lots of socialising, some (purely social) drinking and a few late nights leave you feeling a little below par. A simple way to feel better is to drink lots of water (the majority of hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration), then have a cup of coffee and an aspirin. A combination of the caffeine and the anti-inflammatory ingredients in the painkiller help react against the chemical compounds in the alcohol, helping to reduce symptoms.

If you’re feeling tired and listless, a protein boost may help as well. Traditionally, the best hangover ‘cure’ is bacon and eggs, which is packed with protein – and fat! It may not be the fairest thing to inflict on your poor overworked digestive system, so how about this protein-packed ‘eggnog latte’ instead? Don’t worry – there’s no alcohol in it – just protein, caffeine and a little sweetening and flavouring.

What you’ll need:

While the coffee’s brewing, put the eggs and egg white in the blender, add the syrup and pulse until pale and frothy. Add three or four tablespoons of the coffee slowly and pulse again to combine. Don’t be tempted to add all the coffee at once, or you’ll just end up with scrambled eggs! Add the remainder of the coffee, a little at a time. Taste (don’t worry, it won’t taste of egg!) and sweeten a little more to taste if necessary. Drink in a darkened room, and wait until you feel human again.

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