Why coffee can be part of a healthy diet in 2021

Everyone has had a different experience during lockdown and while some of us have benefited from increased time to exercise, others have found that the lack of a structured routine has prompted a less healthy regime. If you’re starting off 2021 with the intention of eating more healthily, then the good news is that coffee is definitely on the menu. Not only does it have numerous health benefits, but it can also fit into a lower calorie diet as a mug of black, unsweetened coffee contains less than five calories. The important thing to be aware of is what you’re adding to your drink, as some ‘indulgent’ coffees can be surprisingly calorific. Here’s a breakdown per standard size mug:

• Plain black coffee – less than five calories
• For each teaspoon of sugar you add, you’re adding 16 calories
• Add 30ml skimmed milk for 10 calories, 30ml semi skimmed milk for 14 calories or 30ml whole milk for 22 calories
• Add 30ml cream for 70 calories (most commercially made coffees with cream contain a lot more than 30ml!)
• Add a teaspoon of chocolate sprinkles for 25 calories

Some commercially prepared drinks with all the trimmings (milk, cream, sugar, syrup, topping) can weigh in at a hefty 500 calories – you’d only need to drink one of those every weekday to be consuming an extra 2,500 calories a week, equivalent to a whole day’s energy requirements! If you can, it’s much better to prepare your own coffee at work or home so that you know exactly what goes into it – takeout can then be kept to an occasional treat. Swap full fat milk and cream for lower fat options to create a healthier drink. For the best in top quality coffee, suitable for both home and commercial use, browse our range of coffee now including beans, ground and decaff options, all available for direct delivery.