Why buy coffee online?

beansThese days, it’s possible to buy more or less anything online from jewellery to houses. When it comes to coffee, though, why should you buy online rather than from a local retailer?

Often, as online retailers don’t have the same overheads, they’re able to offer better prices and higher grades of coffee than conventional wholesalers. One of the most significant advantages, though, apart from the convenience factor, is that online wholesalers tend to have a high turnover of stock. This means that the coffee you buy is likely to be as fresh as it can be, which is important from a taste point of view.

Once roasted, coffee quickly degenerates and should be drunk no more than two to five after roasting, so any time in storage will impact on flavour. Coffee beans last longer than ground coffee, which should be used immediately after grinding. Unroasted coffee has a longer shelf life, but is still better enjoyed fresh.
Online retailers often have less well known brands for sale. This is no reflection on the quality of the coffee, as it’s often the produce of small exporters without a huge output. This coffee is usually well-priced, and you’ll be able to try different types and blends of coffee that aren’t available elsewhere.
Lastly, buying from a specialist online coffee wholesaler rather than a general wholesaler means you’re also buying expertise and knowledge. A specialist retailer will normally offer a range of peripheral accessories including flavourings, cups, lids and milks for all your coffee needs, making them a one stop shop – and you can be sure you’re dealing with people who know their business, and are happy to advise.
At the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’ve got a great range of blends for you to try, both roasted and green. For more information, please visit our website at www.wholesalecoffeecompany.co.uk.