Traditional Espresso Machines

Which Commercial Coffee Machine is right for me? | Traditional Espresso Machines 

Traditional espresso machines have long been synonymous with the ultimate quality coffee experience. Combining theatre with the artistry of a professional barista to create a perfect shot of espresso from fresh coffee grounds. Steam wands are used to heat and foam milk to the correct temperature and texture to create creamy cappuccinos, macchiatos and caffe lattes. Professional espresso machines are available in many different models with multiple brew group heads to ensure high demand periods are easily met.

Which Traditional Espresso Machine should I choose?

The Wholesale Coffee Company’s range of traditional espresso machines includes equipment from world leading Italian manufacturer, La Cimbali. Their Italian espresso machines are widely renowned as the best on the market. Available in 2 group and 3 group models; these commercial coffee machines are automatic meaning the brew groups can be programmed to extract espresso by automation ensuring the correct amount of water passes through the coffee grounds with superb results. These machines also feature La Cimabli’s patented Turbosteam wand that automatically steams and froths milk at the simple touch of a button. Barista’s please don’t fret, the traditional espresso machines in the La Cimbali range can also be used manually, designed by an Italian Barista Champion this machine is of exceptional calibre.

We also have a wide range of 1 group, 2 group and 3 group traditional espresso machines from Expobar. Featuring compact machines for sites with restricted space and retro styled machines, there is a traditional espresso machine in the Expobar range for every environment.

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