What’s new at the Wholesale Coffee Company

newproducts-wholesale-coffee-companyHere at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’re always looking for great quality new products to bring you, so you’ve got the very best in coffee beans, accessories and ingredients for your cafe, restaurant or business at competitive wholesale prices. Here are a few new products we’ve added to our range recently.

Tunki coffee beans
We love these Tunki beans, a top quality 100% arabica, single origin, gourmet coffee from the Peruvian Andes. Grown at 1300 to 1800 metres above sea level, these coffee beans offer an intense, chocolaty flavour with a floral aroma and notes of treacle, citrus and red berries. If you’re looking for something special to offer your more discerning customers, Tunki is for you. For more information, visit our website.
Moouw milk powder
Need milk for your coffee business? How about Moouw milk powder, a new milk product developed specifically to match the taste of fresh milk. While powdered milk products are practical, particularly for use in areas where there’s no easy way of installing refrigeration, they’re often let down by an inferior taste and greasy aftertaste.  Now Moouw milk solves this problem, with its soft creamy texture and fresh milk taste, achieved with a unique blend of skimmed milk and full fat milk powder. Made in Denmark, Moouw is the practical, tasty alternative to traditional powdered milk and it’s ideal for use in automatic coffee machines. To find out more, visit the Moouw page on our website.
Happy cups
Why happy cups? Well, these sturdy paper cups are available in a whole range of designs, from sunny yellow to retro chic, so there’s sure to be one to bring a smile to your customers’ faces on a drizzly Monday morning. Available with lids for businesses offering a takeaway service to customers. For more information, visit our coffee cups page.