What Makes Coffee Great?

The world sometimes seems to run on coffee, or at least a combination of coffee and tea. But what makes coffee so great? Here are a few things you can tell people who just don’t understand why your cup of Joe is a highly treasured part of your day!

1) Coffee contains caffeine which works as an effective painkiller. Without coffee, there’s be a lot more headaches, especially as it relieves tension headaches particularly well. It also increases the effect of many painkillers. But talk to professionals before you take our word for it.

2) It makes you feel good. According to research it plays with your serotonin levels, or your happy chemical. This was researched in relation to stopping migraines in their tracks, but we presume it might be why it’s a mood enhancer also.

3) It contains antioxidants. Same as in most fruits and vegetables coffee contains those little things that fight free radicals and therefore keeps you healthy. Chocolate contains antioxidants too, so maybe get some real dark chocolate with your coffee next time.

4) It keeps you awake. Imagine what the office would be like in the morning without coffee. Take cover!

5) It smells good. Even the aroma is said to positively affect people’s ability to work faster.

6) It has created a lot of jobs. Where would the world be today without all the coffee plantations, coffee shops and coffee beans that we buy in the supermarket?

7) You enjoy it. Never forget this. The most important factor for why coffee is worth our money is because it makes us feel great and we enjoy the taste. Happiness is after all indulging in what you love. Not just the coffee, but everything.