What makes a premium coffee blend?

tunki-blendYou’ve probably noticed packets of coffee in your local supermarket labelled ‘premium blend’, and may have wondered just how these luxury blends differ from standard coffee beans, and what you’re getting for your money.

What is a blend?

A bag of coffee with the word ‘blend’ on the side means that the contents are a mixture of different roasts, origins or tastes of coffee, blended together for a balanced taste. As a natural product, coffee varies season by season, depending on the weather and growing conditions. An experienced blender can produce a consistent blend year after year by adjusting the beans slightly, to reduce or increase any acidity.

How are blends made?

Of the two types of commercial coffee bean, Robustica are grown at lower altitudes and have a stronger, less subtle flavour, while Arabica are considered to be higher quality. The most straightforward blends use a mixture of the two types in various proportions to achieve the right taste and quality for their brew.

What is a premium blend?

Although the term ‘premium’ isn’t a standard, a blend marketed as ‘luxury’ or ‘premium’ should contain a high proportion of of Arabica, or even be 100% Arabica. Using pure Robustica produces a lower quality drink, which is mostly used for cheaper instant coffee, and most standard blends are a mixture of both.

Tunki coffee beans

With all this in mind, we’re very excited about our new product, Tunki coffee beans. Made from 100% Arabica, organic coffee beans, this is a single origin, true gourmet coffee, which is grown 1300-1800 metres above sea level in the Peruvian Andes. A full-bodied coffee with a floral aroma and undertones of chocolate and treacle, if you’ve never tried a premium blend before you won’t believe the difference. Visit our website for a sample bag, and to buy your coffee beans online.