What City Takes Coffee Seriously in America?

Coffee is said to be an art. A fine art. Some drink it just to get a caffeine kick in the morning (hey, it’s Monday today, we don’t blame you!), but really to make good coffee is akin to making good wine – it takes and artist with a flair for science to create the perfect cup. Imagination and science comes together to give you something to tantalize your taste buds.

There is one city in the U.S. that takes coffee seriously, very seriously. The fresh roasted coffee beans are so fresh they were probably green coffee beans up until the morning of the day you were having your coffee, being roasted to perfection in the basement of your favourite coffee shop.

The city…we almost forgot (but you probably guessed it right anyway): Seattle. Given the amount of rain you cannot be that surprised: people there will need something to keep them awake and what better than coffee?

In Seattle you can actually “often read where the coffee beans came from, how those beans were roasted–and even a short résumé of the barista who’s making your cup,” according to the Huffington Post. Rather impressive, don’t you think?

Second in place for best coffee city came Portland, third New Orleans, fourth Providence and fifth San Francisco (read more about each city here). Seems like the big cosmopolitan cities like New York and Los Angeles are missing out, but do not fret: each will have at least one or two coffee shops that serve cafe extraordinaire.

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