Unusual Coffee Gift Ideas

It’s not Valentine’s, it’s not Christmas and it’s not even Easter yet, but mother’s day is coming up and maybe there’s a birthday, or two looming in the near future, so why not let us inspire you with some gifts for your coffee loving friends and lovers?

There is nothing better than the satisfaction you feel when you’ve found a gift you think stands out a little bit, or that would truly make the perfect gift for someone you love. So we have dug out some gifts for coffee lovers that are rather…unusual. Or at least not a coffee mug.

Java Logs – Ever heard of these logs? They are manmade and consists mainly of (you guessed it) coffee. You already knew you could use coffee for your compost heap (you did know that didn’t you? A lot of coffee shops will give away their old coffee grounds for free if you ask. Way to go!) and now you can use it for your fire too.

The positive aspects? Java Logs divert 12 million pounds of coffee grounds from landfills per year and emits up to 78% less carbon monoxide and up to 66% less creosote than cordwood fires.

The negative aspects of this? You might be craving coffee all night as the lovely aroma is bound to get to you!

Java Logs happen to be manufactured by an American company, so you might want to set up a company and start manufacturing them in the UK if you live this side of the pond, or just simply make some for yourself. We even found a site that teaches you how – if you like a DIY project (and people always appreciate handmade gifts). Otherwise you might just want to throw old coffee grounds on the fire for a nice smell. (We do not recommend giving away old coffee grounds as a gift though. It may be that your friends do not understand the positive environmental effects of this and how nice their fire will smell and simply think you are trying to give them your rubbish. Totally ungrateful of them, we know.)

If you are giving away logs as a present maybe include something more…like make them a basket with coffee related items, or add a romantic touch and have a picnic by the fireplace.

Coffee Art – If you happen to be a bit of an artist it could be nice to paint a painting with…coffee for a change. If you are not an artist you can buy coffee paintings from someone else (there are tea paintings available out there as well if you happen to know a tea lover). Check out one site with coffee art here.

Coffee Plant – If someone happens to be a true coffee lover you could just get them a coffee plant, or three. In three to four years time it will start bearing fruit and they can make their own coffee. It works nice as decoration too, has fragrant white flowers when blooming and will be a nice addition to any household!

Those were just a few ideas…there are so many more out there – from coffee hampers to coffee vacations. As always – your imagination around coffee is the limit!