UK coffee drinkers spend around £16,000 on takeaways over lifetime

Image: Pixabay

Do you like to stop off at your favourite coffee shop for a cappuccino or latte on your way to work? If so, you’re definitely not alone. As a nation, we spend around £130 million a week on takeaway coffee, which works out to around £400 a year or £16,000 over a lifetime.

Nationwide, that adds up to around £6.5 billion a year, with over 16 million of us drinking at least one takeaway coffee a week.

This trend could be due to change, though. So called ‘latte levy’, a proposed tax which will see a 25p surcharge added to drinks sold in disposable cups, will push up the cost of takeaway drinks even more unless customers supply their own cup. As a result, more and more consumers are planning to switch their coffee drinking habits and choose to stay in the office for their caffeine fix.

With coffee machines becoming more sophisticated, customers are increasingly aware that it’s possible to get excellent quality coffee from a machine rather than making the trip to a coffee shop. Installing a bean to cup coffee machine in your office means costs savings for employers in the form of less downtime for employees, and cost savings for consumers who are still getting the same quality of product. Modern coffee machines will grind the beans freshly, brew them expertly, and deliver the perfect drink at the press of a button so there’s minimal waiting time. The only difference between takeaways coffees and using an in-house machine is the price, efficiency and speed.

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