UK becomes a nation of coffee drinkers

beans and groundsBritain might be enshrined in the view of the world as a country of tea drinkers – all bone china cups and cucumber sandwiches – but these days, the UK’s favourite drink is coffee. We get through a staggering 70 million cups of coffee every single day. Step onto any high street, and you’ll see at least one coffee shop and probably several. We’ve even just celebrated UK Coffee Week 2016 (11th to 17th April). First run in 2011, the event is a way for the UK coffee industry, including professionals and customers, to celebration the diversity of British coffee and to put something back into the global market. This year, all funds raised went to Project Waterfall to raise month for sanitation and clean water in coffee-growing communities worldwide,

Britain now has one of the most diverse coffee cultures in the world, with influences from America as well as southern Europe. With the rise in popularity of the flat white, which originated in Australia, Britain’s coffee culture is now truly global.

As, unlike Mediterranean countries, we don’t have a history of drinking coffee (until comparatively recently, instant coffee was the UK’s favourite tipple!), Britain was open to the coffee revolution when it arrived and borrowed the best drinks from around the world. The rise in home coffee machines has also led to a growth in the number of people drinking coffee, as it’s now possible to prepare a commercial-standard drink in the privacy of your own home. Good quality beans are more accessible than ever, with online ordering bringing a variety of choice that we’ve never had before.

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