Types of coffee

beans and groundsHere at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’re coffee experts. Here’s our handy guide to the different types of coffee on the market.

Coffee beans

Fresh coffee beans are the first stop for any serious coffee lover, and come in a huge range of varieties. Their appearance and flavour will depend on a number of factors, including country of origin, growing conditions and roasting process. They must be prepared prior to drinking, which involves dehusking and washing, drying, roasting and grinding. They need to be brewed in a coffee machine such as a cafetiere or drip machine, and are considered the tastiest way of drinking coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee

This is coffee with most of the caffeine removed, and it’s produced from the green (raw) coffee beans, either by the water method or by natural or chemical solvents.

Instant coffee

Soluble or instant coffee is a very practical choice, as it needs only hot water to prepare. It’s made by removing water from the coffee by evaporation or freeze-drying, and it’s sold as powder or granules to which the user only has to add water. It’s available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions, and has a long shelf life.

Coffee essence

Coffee essence first became popular during the Second World War when coffee itself was in short supply. It’s still possible to buy bottles of coffee essence which are designed to be made into cups of coffee with the addition of hot water. As soluble¬†coffee has improved in flavour, though, most people tend to stick to granules for a convenient form of instant coffee, and coffee essence is generally used as a baking ingredient. Use it to flavour chocolate cakes, savoury dishes, biscuits and sweets.

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