Turn your coffee break into meditation time



Coffee doesn’t always have the best reputation for calming us down. Drinking too many cups of strong black to keep us going or counteracting a late night with lattes can result in jitters and frayed nerves. Turning your coffee break into a meditation break, though, can really help you to centre yourself in the middle of a busy day, so you can face afternoon tasks with more energy and motivation.

It seems that ‘mindfulness’ is a big buzz word at the moment. It means a mental state you can achieve by concentrating on the present moment, focussing on your feelings, emotions and bodily sensations while accepting them calmly. It helps to rebalance and calm a stressed mind, and a 15 to 20 minute coffee break is the ideal time in the working day to practice it.

If, like us, you love your coffee, the very ritual of making yourself a cup is calming. If you can’t make a decent cup at work, though, don’t panic – you can still do the mindfulness break with a decent cup of takeaway coffee. In fact, the process of going out into the fresh air to fetch it can help to refocus your mind and make it receptive.

Coffee stimulates all our five┬ásenses – you can taste it, see it, feel the heat of the cup, hear the water as it’s poured in and smell the aroma. It comes with good vibes, as well, as it’s associated with relaxation and taking a break.

Once you’ve got your drink prepared and ready, sit down in a quiet area with it on the table in front of you. Coffee is a perfect pair for mindfulness, as it’s too hot to drink immediately, forcing some quiet time first. Be aware of your breaking, and inhale and exhale deeply through your nose. Take a tiny sip of coffee, and hold it in your mouth while you breathe in and out. This will help the flavours develop. Focus on the smell and taste, and how it feels in your mouth. ┬áConcentrate on nothing but those sensations, and think about them. Take at least 15 minutes to finish the cup, and at the end you should be feeling clearer-headed and calmer, ready to return to your desk.

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