Top ten coffee break treats

espresso-1209522_640As we all know, coffee has a delicious and distinctive taste in its own right. Certain other flavours also complement it and enhance the flavour for an even better taste experience. Here’s our top ten of treats to pair with your coffee for the ultimate coffee break experience.

1. Caramel. The sweet, burnt sugar flavour of caramel is an ideal accompaniment to strong black coffee. Don’t go mad though, as it may be overpowering. Add a little to your coffee by way of a flavoured syrup, or serve caramel shortbread – standard shortbread with chunks of caramel added.

2. Mint. It’s always a surprise that mint and coffee go so well together, as both of them are strong flavours in their own right. Jazz up an Americano with everyone’s favourite, dark chocolate mints.

3. Cinnamon. Not just for Christmas! Use powdered cinnamon to sprinkle on a cappuccino, or serve up sweet cinnamon Danish pastries.

4.Chocolate. Probably the best known and most loved chocolate-and-coffee combo, these two are a match made in heaven. Serve your favourite tall coffee drink with chocolate chip cookies on the side.

5. White chocolate. A variation on the chocolate-and-coffee theme, white chocolate is delicious in small quantities but can be a bit sickly if overdone. Serve plain chocolate biscuits drizzled with white chocolate with your coffee.

6. Hazelnut. The rich, earthy flavours of roasted hazelnuts are an ideal accompaniment to coffee. Roast hazelnuts in the oven, chop them roughly and bake into shortbread biscuits.

7. Almond. Another ‘nutty’ accompaniment, almonds work equally well with coffee when served in almond biscotti or as Amaretto flavouring added to the coffee itself.

8. Ginger. Here’s another flavour combination that shouldn’t work but really does. Serve your favourite tall coffee with slices of rich, sticky ginger cake for a match made in heaven.

9. Vanilla. Vanilla is a delicate flavour that can get lost, so it’s best to serve this on the side rather than adding it to the coffee itself. Use real Madagascan vanilla for the best effects, and marinate sugar with the vanilla pods before making shortbread.

10. Salted caramel. The current trendy flavour, salted caramel works equally well with coffee as its sweeter cousin. Make your own shortbread and add caramel chunks and a good teaspoonful of sea salt crystals for the perfect partner.

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