Top five ways to re-use old coffee grounds

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’re always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re always keeping a careful eye on the links in our supply chain, from the impact of the plants themselves to the packaging. What happens after our delicious coffee has been used for its intended purpose though, and been brewed and drunk? You can still make use of the coffee grounds. Here’s how.

1. Skincare: coffee grounds make a great exfoliator. Homemade preparations are usually too harsh to use on the face but they’re great for the hands and body. Just drain used coffee grounds and squeeze them in a filter made of kitchen roll so that they’re as dry as possible. Mix with half the quantity of coconut oil (so for example mix two tablespoons of grounds with one tablespoon of oil). It’s great for removing dry skin, and perfect for gardeners – just keep a tub by the sink. Thanks to the coconut oil, it moisturises too.

2. Icy conditions: used coffee grounds instead of salt on pavements? It’s not as unlikely as you might think! Krakow in Poland is running a pilot scheme to use coffee grounds on park pathways. The coffee grounds have been collected from 50 volunteer coffee shops, and so far the scheme has been a success. It’s cheaper for the city, the residue helps improve ground and it’s less harmful to pets than salt. So far there are no plans to introduce this in the UK, but we think it’s a great idea.

3. Washing up: in the same way that coffee grounds are useful as an exfoliator, they’re also good for cleaning cookware. Make them into a paste with a small amount of cooking oil, and work them into stubborn stains with a cloth. Afterwards, wash as usual with warm soapy water.

4. Stop stubborn smells! Put a shallow bowl of uncovered coffee grounds at the back of your fridge and it will absorb unpleasant odours from strong-smelling food.

5. Coffee grounds are vey high in nitrogen, so can be safely added to the compost heap and used on the garden.

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