Top five novelty coffee mugs

Fancy raising a smile when you raise your cup of coffee? Perfect for home or office, for yourself or as a gift, we’ve found five mugs to do just that.

1. Retro rocket ray gun mug, The Gift Oasis








This mug fulfills every childfood sci-fi fantasy you’ve ever had – it’s a retro ray gun and a rocket in one. No-one in the office will ever get your mug mixed up with theirs again, and you can while away long meetings by pretending to zap your colleagues… £12.99, available from



2. Fan-tasche-tic mug, the Dot Com Gift Shop







Here’s a mug that’s a cut above the rest. This ceramic moustache mug is ideal kick starting the morning with that first cup of coffee, and it’s dishwasher and microwave safe too. Makes a perfect gift for anyone who’s ever wished they could grow that stylish 1930s moustache. £3.99, available from

3. The Rights novelty coffee mugs, House of Bath








These tongue-in-cheek ceramic mugs are best used as a pair to make sure everyone understands how the perfect relationship works! If you’re feeling brave, they’d make a great wedding present. £12.95 for the pair, available from

4. Prescription coffee mug, The Gift Oasis








Do you know someone who just can’t do without their coffee? Encourage them gently in their addiction with this coffee mug shaped to look like a prescription drug bottle. The label says ‘prescription coffee – take one mug and repeat until awake and alert’. Now there’s some medication we could get behind!  £11.99, available from The Gift Oasis as before.

5. Camera lens mug, Getting Personal

The perfect gift for a photography buff, whether amateur or professional, this camera lens mug  comes with a detachable lens cover lid that makes a useful coaster or biscuit tray. Ideal for those long hours in the studio. £14.99, available from
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