Top five coffee spoons

For the coffee lover who really does have everything, how about a special coffee spoon just for making their favourite drink? We’ve picked out five of our favourites.

1. Ceramic animal spoon, Berry Red








This pretty little spoon is made from white ceramic, and features either a bird or bunny in a shabby chic design. Handwash only, 16cm tall. Priced at £3, available from

2. Acrylic demi tasse spoon, House Envy








This little spoon has an old fashioned design but is made from modern materials. ‘Demi tasse’ spoons were originally designed to go with coffee cups, so this spoon has an appropriate heritage. Available in a wide range of colours, it’s dishwasher safe and costs £3 from

3. Spanner coffee spoons set, Culinary Concepts








A perfect gift for those with a mechanical bent, this set of four coffee spoons is made from hand-crafted stainless steel, with a spanner handle design and ‘drop forged’ detailing. Costing £28.99, the set’s available from

4. Long handled spoons, Rice DK








If you prefer a long coffee drink like latte or even regular coffee in a large cup, these long handled melamine spoons are the answer. Long enough at 18cm to stop you burning your fingers, they’re sold as a set of six individual colourful spoons and measure and cost £8.50 for the set. Available from Berry Red as before.

5. Bud coffee spoons, Robert Welch








We love these slender, elegant coffee spoons by Robert Welch. Each one has a sculpted handle which tapers and gently curves into the palm of the hand for a comfortable feel, and is made from high quality stainless steel. £26 for a set of eight, other items are available in the same range. Available from

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