Top five coffee pots

If you like to brew your coffee the simple way, then you’ll need a coffee pot. We take a look at five of the best enamel coffee pots and cafetieres on the market.

1. Red classic espresso maker, La Cafetiere 







Featuring a high quality aluminium body, this stylist hob espresso pot comes in three, six and nine cup sizes. It’s safe on gas, electric and radiant heat sources and the simple, classic design will look good in any kitchen. Prices start from £19.95, available from Perfect partner: Super Forte Blend Coffee Beans

2. Bistro coffee pot, Nick Munro







Inspired by the designers love of penguins (yes, really!) this sleek Bistro Coffee Pot is made from high grade hand polished polished stainless steel and has a capacity of 0.5 litres. Priced at £19.95, available from Perfect partner: Suprema coffee beans

3. Enamel coffee pot, Joules







This enamel pot is influenced by the vintage enamelware to be found in brocantes all over France. Decorated in Joules’s Crème Floral design, this coffee pot isn’t suitable for brewing coffee but will keep your drink warm until required. It’s also virtually unbreakable, so it’s ideal for camping or picnicking. £26, available from Perfect partner: Caribana blend coffee beans

4. Folklore coffee pot, Nina Jarema







From the Folklore collection comes this nostalgic enamel coffee pot, featuring motifs and silhouettes inspired by the villages, forests and folklore of Nina’s native Ukraine.£14.95, available from Perfect partner: Forte blend coffee beans

5. Meadows cafetiere, La Cafetiere







This pretty yet functional cafetiere would grace any breakfast table with its elegant floral design in duck egg blue and polished steel. Available in an 8 cup size (1000ml / 35 fl. Oz) size, it costs £31.95 from Perfect partner: Suprem blend coffee beans

You can find our full range of coffee beans at, so you can be sure of a great cup of coffee however you choose to brew it.