Top 3 iced coffee drinks for summer

‘Summer’ might be a little premature, but the clocks have gone forwards and the weather’s improving so that’s good enough for us – it’s time to break out the iced coffee! Nothing beats relaxing at the weekend with the papers and a tall, iced coffee to hand. Here are our favourite recipes so that you can DIY at home.

1. Coffee tonic. This slightly unlikely combination took social media by storm earlier in the year, and it’s current hot trend. Unlike many ‘trendy’ drinks it’s very simple to make – all you need is cold-brewed or cold espresso, ice and tonic water. Put six to eight ice cubes in a tall glass and half fill the glass with tonic water. Then pour the cold espresso into the glass very slowly. The layers will separate and you’ll get a social-media-pleasing effect with fizz on the bottom and coffee on the top. For a twist, try using flavoured tonic water.

2. Regular iced coffee. This is plain old simple iced coffee, but with a little twist! When you next make cold-brewed coffee, make up an extra batch and put it into an ice cube tray. Then, when you fancy a delicious, iced coffee use the coffee ice cubes instead of plain water. That way, your drink will still be ice cold but it won’t get gradually diluted as the ice melts – because no-one wants soggy coffee.

3. Iced maple latte. This one is a little more indulgent. Make up 150ml strong black coffee and allow it to cool completely. Put it in a blender with six ice cubes, 150ml milk and a good shot of maple syrup, then blend until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and serve. This works with lots of other flavoured syrups – try hazelnut, chocolate or vanilla.
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