Nigella has done it again – this time she has created a Tiramisu you can drink. Well, sort of. It’s like a Tiramisu only more fluid and she calls it a Tiramisini. It sounds Italian enough for us to want to try it. Anything Italian tastes nice, right? If it’s good for you is debatable, but it will make you feel good and we all know that people who are happy live longer, so in that aspect it’s most certainly healthy. And if you are worried about spiking your blood sugar levels you can always munch some cinnamon beforehand. Just make sure not to make it a daily habit as the kind of cinnamon you find in the shops is the one that lowers your blood sugar levels, but it is also poisonous in large doses (as little as a teaspoon a day), so don’t make it a daily habit. Mind you, in Sweden they eat a lot of cinnamon and they have a longer lifespan than most, so who knows? Science is confusing, go for coffee and dessert – it’s satisfying!


Preparation Method