The Health Benefits of Coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee

All coffee lovers know that a good cup of coffee made from freshly-ground coffee
beans can help wake you up in the morning, lift your spirits throughout the day and
generally improve your concentration, but studies have also shown that drinking
coffee in moderation could be beneficial for your health.

Studies collated by Harvard Medical School show that the drink could have varied
health benefits, including:

A reduced likelihood of certain types of cancer. In a 2005 study, results showed
that people who drank coffee regularly were 50% less likely to suffer from liver
cancer than non-coffee-drinkers. Other studies have also shown lower rates of colon,
breast, and rectal cancers in coffee drinkers.

A reduced risk of diabetes. Men who drink six cups of coffee a day are half as
likely to get type 2 diabetes as non-coffee-drinkers, and for women, there’s a 30%
reduction in risk. The science behind this is not yet clearly understood, but it could be
that coffee contains certain compounds that help the body metabolise sugar.

A reduced risk of gallstones and kidney stones. According to the BBC, studies
have shown that coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from kidney stones and

Reduced chances of Parkinson’s disease. Most recent studies indicate that
drinking coffee regularly can help to protect men against Parkinson’s disease. The
results are less apparent in women, possibly as the female hormone oestrogen
inhibits the breakdown of caffeine. Researchers estimate that men who regularly
drink two or three cups of caffeinated coffee a day are two to three times less likely
to develop the disease. Men who are heavy coffee drinkers, drinking more than six
cups a day, are five times less likely to develop the disease, although experts warn
that drinking this much coffee could have other health implications.

Next time you’re drinking your daily coffee, remember that not only does it taste
delicious, in moderation it could be helping your health as well – so there’s even more
reason to enjoy it.