The WorkHouse Coffee Company is a hit in Reading

When it comes to coffee shop competition, it’s not often that an independent coffee shop business will survive when it’s surrounded by Costa, Starbucks, Pret and other global coffee shop chains. But, one local business in Reading – The Workhouse Coffee Company – is doing amazingly well despite being opposite two major coffee shop chains.

The WorkHouse Coffee Company was set up eight years ago by Australian business man, Greg Costello who wanted to bring good quality coffee to Reading.
There are now several WorkHouse Coffee Company cafes in the Reading area, including shops on King Street and Oxford Street.

Managers at the WorkHouse Coffee Company employ people from all over the World and also sample different coffee beans regularly to make sure the coffee served is always top quality. Costello has also started to source and roast his own coffee beans.

On top of this, the shop is renowned for its high quality coffee beans, delicious food and excellent customer service. And, the business has been nominated for a Reading Retail Award.

Amazingly, the WorkHouse Coffee Company does not rely on any marketing or advertising and instead relies purely on word of mouth to spread the word.

If you’re into your coffee you’ll be in for a treat here. According to the Independent, Baristas at the WorkHouse Coffee Company will make people coffee to their exact specifications. Forget flat whites, skinny lattes and medium Americano’s with a drop of milk – this is an independent coffee shop that has made good quality coffee beans and its customers’ preferences a top priority. The café also made it into the Independent’s top 50 best breakfast spots list.

It’s certainly nice to see an independent business flourishing in a time when global corporations are opening up chains of fake independent coffee shops in an attempt to pass them off as unique businesses.