The Wholesale Coffee Company’s ethical and environmental policy

environmentally-friendly-coffeeHere at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we pride ourselves on offering great value for money, and providing top quality products at competitive prices. Just as we don’t compromise on the quality of our coffee beans, we also don’t compromise on our environmental and ethical policy. Our coffee beans are supplied by Cafés Silvestre, a Spanish company who are continually reviewing their different products and processes and their impact on the planet.

Rainforest Alliance™ Certified coffee 

All Cafés Silvestre blends contain at least 30% Rainforest Alliance™ Certified coffee (RFACC). Buying products with the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ guarantee helps support the rights and well-being of farm workers, the conservation of natural resources and the protection of wildlife and the environment.

Environmentally friendly packaging

It’s not just the environmental impact of the coffee beans that’s being assessed, either, as Cafés Silvestre uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified carton boxes for packaging most of their products. The FSC are working to make sure that our forests are carefully managed to ensure the harvest of timber is carried out in an environmentally sensitive way to maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity and ecology.

Non-chemically decaffeinated beans

All Cafés Silvestre’s decaffeinated coffee beans have been decaffeinated using the water process, so we can guarantee that no chemicals or acids have been used. Other commercial methods of decaffeination involve adding a solvent such as ethyl acetate or methylene chloride, but Cafés Silvestre’s beans are processed using water and carbon filters for a purer product.


Cafés Silvestre has a committed programme of recyling, and empty coffee sacks are collected and reused for agricultural purposes. Any surplus cardboard and plastics are sent to recycling centres to be processed and reused, and any industrial machines not in use are broken down and sent to the appropriate recyling centres.

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’re proud to supply such top-quality beans with such a strong environmental and ethical pedigree. When you order your coffee beans online, you can rest assured you’ll receive a product that’s not only delicious and great value for money, it also won’t cost the earth.