The Wholesale Coffee Company guide to coffee grounds

coffee grounds 1Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we specialise in supplying great quality coffee beans, and we’ve a choice of blends as well as roasted and green beans. Buying your beans whole and then grinding them yourself as required is the best way to get a really fresh, flavourful drink, and it’s generally more economical than buying ready-ground beans. It also means that you can control the size of the grounds, which is important, as when it comes to grinding, the coarseness of the grind can have a big effect on the taste and quality of the drink. Here’s our quick guide to what works when.

In general, the smaller you grind your coffee beans the more surface area they’ll have, so the quicker and stronger they’ll brew. When you’re grinding, there are several factors to consider when choosing how finely or coarsely you’d like your coffee.

Type of coffee machine

What you’re going to do with the coffee once it’s ground is a significant factor when choosing grind size. Espresso machines need a very fine, almost powdery grind. Filter coffee machines need a coarser result, and cafetières also need a coarse grind as otherwise a lot of residue will bypass the filter and end up in the cup.

Coffee strength and type

Broadly speaking, fine grounds mean strong coffee, and some beans, such as espresso beans, are designed to be finely ground for maximum flavour.

Many types of modern commercial coffee machine incorporate their own grinder, so you only need to add the beans themselves to the container. This takes the guesswork and inconsistency out of brewing. If you have a domestic coffee machine, though, you’ll also need a domestic grinder, which will give slight variations in results.

However you like your coffee ground, we’re sure that you’ll find something in our range of coffee beans to suit your taste. For more information, please visit