The Philosophy of Coffee

Have you heard of the perfect cup of coffee? Every year coffee enthusiasts try to find their own perfect cup of coffee and many coffee entrepreneurs travel the world to find what they believe to be the best cup for their clients. Often, if it’s a good coffee shop they will work with rare and expensive beans that grow in specific climates. In other words: that kind of coffee costs.

What is the perfect cup of coffee though? To some coffee is just coffee – so long as it isn’t too weak or too strong they don’t usually mind what beans, or what roast has been used, given the beans weren’t burnt when roasted. For those people to pay a lot of money for a cup of coffee when they can get another cup cheaper makes no sense. If you can’t tell the difference between a diamond and glass, why pay for the diamond? You won’t enjoy it more.

If, on the other hand, you have a developed palate when it comes to coffee then if you buy a coffee that’s inferior to what you think a good cup of coffee is all about, then you have just paid for a bad cup of coffee. Not as much as you would for a good cup of coffee, but nonetheless, you paid for something you didn’t really enjoy. If the coffee was decent, just not excellent you may find it a fair bargain, but if it tasted bad, then you have just wasted money.

Then you can choose to buy the perfect cup of coffee, or make it yourself. If you make it yourself, how much time are you prepared to spend? Is a little increase in taste experience worth a few extra minutes making the coffee, or is time worth more to you? Or do you prefer having others make it for you even if it costs more, as it makes you feel more luxurious, or relaxing?

Perfect coffee is different to everyone, because everyone enjoys coffee for different reasons. So is there a perfect cup? Well you decide…but if you are buying coffee online, then of course our coffee beans are the best! We even have green coffee beans so you can roast them yourself! And for the rest of the beans we only sell fresh roasted coffee beans! Quality to a good price – now that has to be the perfect cup, doesn’t it 😉