The Perfect Date Night

It’s supposed to be spring, but winter can still be felt in the air in between moments of sunshine. It will take a little while longer until the picnic season starts, so for now, why not arrange the perfect stay at home and cuddle date night, sprinkled with chocolate? If anything will set your happy hormones going it’s the combination of cuddles and chocolate!

Chocolate has long been known for its aphrodisiac properties potentially because it contains theobromine and caffeine, which work as stimulants. According to Wikipedia: “research looking at the psychoactivity of chocolate reveals that methyl xanthine, an active biological substance found in chocolate, competes with adenosine, a presynaptic inhibitor modulator, and blocks its receptor.This induced blockage can lead to arousal. The participants’ blood pressure decreased, and they showed improvements in insulin sensitivity, meaning they were better able to metabolize glucose.” In other words: consuming chocolate ain’t half bad, so long as you don’t overindulge and stick with the darker versions as they contain no milk and less sugar, meaning you get more of the effect of the cacao and less of a sugar rush.

So what could you do as a chocolate date? There are a few different options. You could, for example, serve a three course meal where every dish included chocolate. In South America there are many recipes that call for chocolate, mainly as a sauce for meat. As for dessert you could serve any kind of chocolate cake, or pudding. Afterwards you could have an espresso served with a praline, or if you like you can make that your dessert. You can also whip up a chocolate Martini, or make a hot chocolate (or cold) with some Baileys in it.

A classic and simple date night can also be sitting by the fire, roasting marshmallows, or chestnuts whilst sipping hot chocolate. You can add a dash of chili, cinnamon, or cardamom to add some spice and keep you even warmer. You can also buy, or make some chocolate sauce for more interesting endeavors by the fireplace, or between the sheets…

If you are a fan of ice skating a nice and relaxed date can be to go to your local ice skating rink and bring some steaming hot chocolate, preferably spiced up with chili and maybe a praline, or two for some extra luxury. You could also bring along hot chocolate for a country walk in winter. Blankets and wooly hats can be kinda cozy, at least when accompanied by chocolate!

Serving a romantic chocolate breakfast with hot chocolate and pancakes with chocolate sauce is another treat anyone is sure to appreciate.

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company we sell Van Houten’s luxury hot chocolate blend which makes it quick and easy for us to whip up a hot chocolate here at the office whenever the temperature goes down and potentially when we lack a hot date to make up for it…