Speciality coffee market is stronger than ever

UK speciality coffee market looks stronger than ever
UK speciality coffee market looks stronger than ever

There’s good news for UK providers of speciality coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos – according to The Future of Coffee, a recently-published report by Allegra World Coffee Portal, (WCP), the market speciality coffee drinks looks set to rise by 13 per cent year on year. That’s more than the expected growth of 10 per cent across the whole UK coffee market.

Based on over 1500 customer surveys and dozens of UK industry leaders across all sectors of the coffee market, the report makes a correlation between the increase in small, independent coffee outlets focussing on quality and service and the rise in demand for speciality drinks. Small companies are embracing new technology and cutting edge techniques to source and process their coffee from bush to cup for a better experience for the consumer.  “In the future, greater attention to agronomy and processing at origin will help yield higher quality beans”, it concluded.

The report made the following findings:

There are now 180 speciality coffee roasters in the UK. Of those interviewed, two thirds are relatively new businesses, roasting for less than two years.  The speciality green coffee bean market is currently estimated at an annual value of 40 million euros, with that set to double by 2020. The speciality roasted coffee bean market is currently valued at double the amount of the green coffee bean market, at 80.1 million, which is set to more than double in the same time-frame. Estimates put the number of independent speciality coffee shops (i.e. shops whose main business is the supply of coffee to consumers) at around 1,400 in the UK – that figure is also set to double by 2020. Just under two thirds of the retailers interviewed plan to open new shops in the next three years.

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