How to say ‘thank you’ to your customers this Christmas

As we all know, loyal customers are the backbone of any hospitality business. Whether you’re a small high street coffee shop or a larger business, it’s more important than ever to help customers feel appreciated. Here are a few ideas to say ‘thank you’.

Start a loyalty service

This doesn’t have to be complicated – all you need is a small printed card and a stamp. Offering every 10th drink free, or offering bonus products, is a great way of keeping customers returning. Also, remembering regular customers’ names or how they like their drinks will help them feel appreciated.

Offer bonus products

Everyone loves a bargain, and Christmas specials such as a free mince pie or festive biscuit with every drink for a limited period will help people remember you.

Organise events

Invite loyal customers to ‘members only’ events at your venue. You can offer anything from tastings of new coffees and other products to a talk or book reading. The element of exclusivity means that people will feel appreciated for their loyalty. Alternatively, if you’ve got a milestone coming up in your business (anniversary of opening, or fifth Christmas, or new premises), throw a bigger bash for customers to help celebrate.

‘Just because’ discounts

In this age of relentless promotions, deals are often just seen as a form of marketing. Go spontaneous with a ‘just because’ discount (offering 20% off hot drinks, for example, for the week before Christmas). The unexpectedness of the discount means it will be appreciated by customers.

Shout about it

If you don’t tell your customers you appreciate them, they won’t know! Create a big poster, and stick it up in the window or behind the bar area, thanking them for their custom. Encourage people to take snaps with the poster for social media, and offer prizes for your favourites.

Merry Christmas from all at the Wholesale Coffee Company, the home of wholesale coffee beans and coffee supplies for the restaurant and catering industry.