Salted Caramel Lattes

Starbucks serve them, or at least they serve Caramel Lattes. We aren’t quite sure about the salt bit. Salted caramels, however, are divine. And as we contemplated this we started wondering what the ultimate salt caramel latte would be like? Surely it wouldn’t be like the lattes made with cheap syrups filled with 101 interesting fake flavors and preservatives. No, it would be like one of those caramel wafers that simply just melts into your coffee. It would be divine.


So we decided to find the recipe for the perfect salt caramels that we could use to melt over our coffee, or take some chunks and stir into the coffee, to flavor the entire drink.


We found it. After stumbling across quite a few “modern” recipes (if they have corn syrup in them they can’t be all that old), but as we wanted quality. Proper quality. We kept looking and finally found a traditional British recipe at


Now as this makes caramels rather than sauce you just pop one into your latte for it to melt and chop one up into small pieces to sprinkle on top! Enjoy!




Line an 8″ square baking tin with parchment paper, brush lightly with oil.

NOTE: If the toffee has gone a little hard in the fridge, don’t worry it will soften once it reaches room temperature again.