Roasting green coffee beans commercially

Green, unroasted coffee beans
Green, unroasted coffee beans

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you’ll know that the best way to get the freshest tasting cup of coffee is to buy green or raw beans, and roast them yourself in small quantities before grinding and using them quickly. This also means you can control the depth of roast and flavour according to your personal taste.

If you’re roasting your beans for a commerical business such as a restaurant, cafe or coffee retailer, you’ll need to achieve a consistant roast so your customers always know what they’re getting. To do this, you’ll need a commerical coffee roaster. Modern technology means than you can now buy compact machines suitable for ‘light commerical use’, which run from a 13 amp plug and roast around 300g of green coffee beans at a time.

Things to consider when roasting your own green coffee beans

You’ll need to position your coffee roaster in a well ventilated area in your shop or cafe, or install a ventilation duct. The roaster operates at very high temperatures, and also produces hot gases which will need to disperse. You should always stay with the machine during the roasting period, which can be anything up to 18 minutes depending on the depth of roast required, the quantity and the origins of the green coffee beans. Most commercial roasts have a clear chamber for the beans, so that you can see how the roast is progressing and alter the timings if necessary.

Advantages of a commerical roasterYour machine should allow you to set dials for length of roasting time and depth of roast, giving you a consistant result every time and roasting in small quantities means the freshest coffee.


The machine will require a thorough cleaning every time it’s used, to remove any coffee debris which could otherwise build up and cause problems.

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