Removing coffee stains from ceramics

Pumpkin Spice Lattes 125 editIf you’ve got a favourite ceramic coffee pot or a mug or cup that’s too delicate for the dishwasher, it will inevitably become stained if you use it constantly. Such stains not only look unsightly, but if allowed to build up for long enough they may even start to affect the flavour of your coffee, so it’s worth having a through clean at regular intervals. Here’s how to get rid of even the toughest stains.

Start by pouring fresh lukewarm water into the pot or cup and leave it to stand for about an hour to loosen the stains. Next, put on protective gloves and mix a solution of 50g borax to 500ml of lukewarm water. Domestic borax, otherwise known as sodium tetraborate decahydrate, is a mild alkali and looks a bit like bicarbonate of soda. If you have trouble tracking down borax, it can be found online or you could use Borax Substitute, a natural alternative available from larger supermarkets or chemists.

Pour your solution into the pot or mug and let it stand for an hour, occasionally swirling the liquid round to make sure it covers the sides. If you get any on your skin, rinse immediately with lots of water. After an hour, discard the solution. Then, mix a solution with one quarter bleach to three quarters water, and pour than into the pot or mug. Let it stand for an hour then pour the liquid away. Wash the item carefully in warm water with a little washing up liquid, rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry.

Mix a solution of one part household bleach to three parts lukewarm water, and pour it into the pot. Let it stand for an hour. During this time stir it occasionally with a brush.

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