Real Caffeine Free Coffee? For Real, Real?

You may have heard of it – the natural decaf. The those golden green coffee beans that contain no caffeine. I.e. in their natural state (as green coffee beans) there is no caffeine present, or so little that they could be called decaf without having to be processed first.

There are two varieties of naturally decaffeinated coffee that are fairly well known to mankind, the only problem with those is that, well, they aren’t on the market due to licensing and other such things. Thus most people aren’t really that concerned about those glorious green coffee beans and no one outside the coffee industry pays much attention to them. What most people don’t know is that there is a third variety, native to Southern Africa that is available on the market with no licensing hick-ups. It’s called Racemosa and is so low in caffeine it can be said it’s caffeine-free (decaf really implies it has been decaffeinated by a process).

If you are a mad coffee lover or to be coffee entrepreneur you might want to check this bean out by say, taking a vacation to South Africa. There you will find that Sukkot Coffee is the only company who grows this particular bean. In nearby Mozambique there is also a nursery that grows these coffee beans but it is a slow process to grow enough fruit bearing trees to start exporting the bean.