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Indonesian orangutans are in danger of extinction. We're supporting International Animal Rescue in their rescue project.
Indonesian orangutans are in danger of extinction. We’re supporting International Animal Rescue in their rescue project.

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, we’ve been busy behind the scenes giving our website a new look and feel. We’ve still got all our great products available, but we’ve made it much easier for you to find your way around the website and to see any special offers we’ve got running. It’s also easier to view lots of products at a glance to compare them, and we’ve improved the filter options as well.

Charity work

We’ve always concerned about environmental and ethical issues, and as of 2015 we’re supporting with International Animal Rescue as one of our charities. The charity works worldwide, rescuing and protecting vulnerable animals as well as playing a part in conservation. Individual projects include rescuing dancing bears in India, freeing and caring for captive primates all over the world and running a sterilisation programme for stray dogs and cats to help control population problems in developing countries. Once rehabilitation is complete, animals are returned to the wild, but the charity will also provide permanently care where necessary. Our wildlife is constantly under threat from the pressure of expanding human populations, so part of the charity’s work is also to protect endangered species. They also work with developing nations to educate against cruel or inhumane treatment, and help build a better future for the world’s animals.

Current projects include a campaign against the illegal hunting of migrating birds in Malta, and work in Indonesia helping protect orangutans. Also in Indonesia, a small nocturnal primate called the slow loris is in danger of extinction, as many have been poached and sold as pets. International Animal Rescue runs a rescue and rehabilitation centre and are working to reduce and eventually stop the illegal trade.

We’re proud to be associated with International Animal Rescue, and we feel their work is a great fit for our ethical coffee provision.

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