Movies about Food, Coffee and Chocolate, Part II

Julie and Julia is a great movie if you love food – one crazy New Yorker decided to complete all of Julia Child’s recipes from one of her book’s in one year…meaning she had to make more than a dish a day from the book! The movie follows her story, but also shows the story of Julia when she arrived in France – how she became a chef and created the book. It’s a very sweet movie about two women and their different battles. As it’s based on real stories it’s maybe a bit more naturalistic than most Hollywood movies, but of course, it’s still Hollywood.

Julie and Julia features Meryl Streep and so does It’s Complicated. Now, this movie is not strictly about food, but in it Meryl Streep’s character happens to own a café and boy is the food delicious in the movie. So if you like love with a little bit of food instead of food with a little bit of love, then this is for you!

If you want more chocolate rather than food there’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, maybe the most whimsical fairytale of them all! And if you like children’s stories (although of course Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is for adults too…) then there’s Ratatouille. A foreign classic is Eat, Drink, Men, Women and more in the foreign department includes Love and Lemons. There’s also Big Night if you are looking for a classic movie and if you want some comfort food, why then there’s Fried Green Tomatoes. If you want something contemporary and Italian, there’s I am Love with Tilda Swinton.

Now, the question is: are you ready for a good movie, a good meal, a good cup of coffee and some good chocolate, or a cup of good hot chocolate?

Meryl Streep as "Julia Child" in Columbia Pictures' JULIE & JULIA.