Movies about Food, Coffee and Chocolate, Part I

Chances are if you are into coffee, you might be somewhat into other drinks and food as well. You also might not. However, we found a few films that are themed around food and coffee, whether documentaries, or fiction.

Black Gold – this movie is a documentary and a rather shocking portrait of what goes on behind the scenes in the world of coffee, focusing on the economics. Maybe not a movie to sit down and relax in front of, but rather a movie that will enlighten you and make you think. Given the amount of prices it has won there is a chance you may enjoy watching it too!

Squidoo lists some famous coffee moments in movies here, it’s however dubious whether you would want to watch these movies because of the coffee. Very dubious in fact.

Now, onto the more fictional, feel good movies out there that are all about the food and drink, as opposed to having one scene about it. First off there’s Chocolat with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, directed by Lasse Hallstrom. This movie is famous and with all due respect – it’s a sweet movie very well made. The plot centers around Anouk and her daughter who have moved to a small French town where they’re setting up a chocolate shop. The chocolate appears somewhat enchanted, curing various ailments and making the townsfolk a little bit excited and the priest a little bit angry. Not least because the shop was set up during lent.

Chocolat is a movie that beautifully portrays the intriguing relationships between people and what it takes to follow one’s heart, even if it’s against popular opinion. It is also a beautiful portrait of the magic of chocolate and we recommend that you have a light dinner and then deck the halls with chocolate before watching it, as by the end of it you will otherwise go on an emergency trip to the nearest shop selling chocolate and if it happens to be eleven o’clock at night you might have to drive very far or end up with something bland, like your regular Hershey’s bar. No, after this you will want quality chocolate. The stuff that makes your heart beat faster…

Another movie about enchanted food is Like Water for Chocolate which explores the idea of emotions being poured into the food you cook and how that effects the people who eat it. It’s also an incredible love story about the story of two lovers being separated by family traditions. Set in Latin America this beautiful movie is sure to get your heart racing as well. This time, maybe bring the whole store with you home as you will probably get some inspiration to start cooking after watching it…maybe even in the middle of the night…

Not found the movie you are looking for yet? In part two of this blog we will discuss even more food and coffee movies!