More reasons to love coffee

It's official - coffee can be good for you!
It’s official – coffee can be good for you!

Here at the Wholesale Coffee Company, you’d expect us to be big fans of coffee. Until recently, though there was a bit of a perception that coffee was incompatible with a healthy lifestyle and was on many people’s list of ‘thing to give up for Lent’.

A number of recent scientific research studies, though, reveals that current thinking is in favour of drinking coffee to support a healthy lifestyle. Some of the studies showed links between coffee and a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, some kinds of cancer and overall, a lessened risk of premature death.

While this is great news for coffee lovers, it’s obviously not a free pass to drink 30 cups of coffee a day – experts recommend two to four cups to reap the health benefits.


Among other positive coffee news, recent studies reveal that coffee drinkers live longer. A study involving almost 1 million people linked those who regularly drank two to four cups of coffee a day to a 14 per cent lower risk of dying prematurely from any cause whatsoever. Drinking one or two cups a day had a proportionately beneficial effect, with an 8 per cent lower risk. Caffeine didn’t seem to be a factor in the study, with regular decaff drinkers enjoying the same lowered risk.

Coffee also has a positive effect on your risk of developing certain kinds of cancer, including liver cancer and prostate cancer. Coffee contains naturally occurring compounds which have anti-inflammatory properties which can be useful in protecting the body from toxins and carcinogenics.



Drinking coffee can also help to protect you against the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, with those who drink more than three cups a day enjoying a 21 per cent lower risk. Again, the type of coffee (caffeinated or decaffeinated) didn’t seem to affect the results. Chlorogenic acid which occurs naturally in coffee can improve your body’s ability to metabolise glucose as well as have an anti-inflammatory effect.



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