More iced coffee recipes

iced-coffeeThis summer, we’re feeling optimistic about the weather! To help get your picnics, barbecues and outdoor dinner parties off to a flying start, here are more of our favourite iced coffee recipes.

Coffee ice cubes

If you drink iced coffee, made from pouring cold fresh coffee over crushed ice, regularly, you’ll know that the first few sips are delicious but the drink quickly becomes diluted and weak. An easy way to avoid this is to make the ice cubes themselves from coffee! Simply make up a quantity of fresh coffee at your normal strength, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. In the morning, crush the ice cubes by putting them in a plastic bag, wrapping the bag in a tea towel, putting the whole thing on a chopping board and using a rolling pin to crush them. You can then either use the crushed ice immediately, or put the plastic bag back in the freezer for the future.

Coffee soda:

This is an adult take on an ice cream soda. To serve four, you’ll need a half a litre of very strong black coffee, made from freshly-roasted coffee beans. Make the coffee a good few hours before you need it, and chill in the fridge. Pour the cold coffee into tall glasses to half fill them, and add sugar to taste. Fill the rest of the glass with club soda until about 3cm from the brim, then add a scoop of vanilla, coffee or chocolate ice cream. Top with a little whipped cream if you like, and add a long spoon for spooning up the remains of the ice cream.

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